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We focus on researching & developing game-changing technology — particularly: database, market, and information problems/solutions with far-reaching global effects.

Get to Know Us—We May Be Interesting 

Here are some things that turn us on, make us tick, and get us up in the morning!

Our Interests

This is a momentary snapshot of relative interest in various different project categories — subject to change, of course!  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of research topics we find interesting—any problem can be interesting. However, these are our areas of current expertise and general development focus.

Analytics / Data Science


Artificial Intelligence + Automation


Cryptography + Communicaion


Economic Feasiblity + Analysis


Markets + Matching Optimization


Pure Mathematics


Voting + Preference Systems


<--- And, yes that is a "traveling-salesman tour" we made of the Mona Lisa just for fun. We hope you like it. :)

Complexity is easy, Simplicity is hard

We aim to find elegance in everything we imagine and do— because elegant solutions generate the most customer value.

Step 01: Identify The Challenge

Every David needs a Goliath. We need big, interesting challenges to tackle. Without interesting challenges we're just a bunch of smart people discussing cool ideas and tech—fun but not useful. If you have an interesting challenge— throw it at us and we'll start figuring out possible solutions. Is the problem big enough, complex enough, valuable enough, and solvable? We're interested in these things.

Step 02: Assess Solution Feasibility

Is the challenge economically worth solving? Are people willing to pay for it--who?  How can it be implemented?  How will we get the solution to these customers?  Is our solution worth the cost of development and risk?  Is it possible for us to implement the solution using accessible resources?  Can we develop a solution within a useful timeframe?  What are the risks to our plans?

STEP 03: Validate The Solution

There is no use building a latter leaning against the wrong wall.   Are we hitting the 'sweet-spot' of our customers' needs?  What features do we need to implement?  What is a 'minimum viable product' people will buy/use?  We usually spend a lot of time here speaking to various customers, getting useful feedback, and verifying we aren't just fooling ourselves.

STEP 04: Build The Solution

You can draw something on paper--but can you build it?  Here we execue our plans and organize the resources to construct our solution--frequently going back to re-validate our model.  There are plenty of challenges to solve here as we iteratively engineer, build, and assess our production plans with customers and test solutions and their real-world feasibility.

STEP 05: Publish, Sell & Distribute

If we've done all of the other steps properly this step is not trivial but is fairly easy to execute with the right people, resources, and methods in place.  If we've messed up somewhere else then this can be challenging.  This step is usually where the product developers and other stakeholders see  the payoff for all their efforts.